Employment and Labour Law

The firm is involved in drafting the various Letters of Engagement and Employment Agreement for our clients. We draft various policies required to be in place by the law.

The firm offers a wide range of services in relation to employment and labour law, these services include but are not limited to the following;

  • Carrying out human resource audits.
  • Advising clients on collective bargaining agreements, taxation matters, Employee Share Ownership Schemes, Loans, Sacco deductions amongst others.
  • Advising clients on breach of employment contracts and representing in civil litigation arising from such.
  • Advising and drafting compliant employment/consultants contracts, director service contracts, contracts for interns and temporary employees
  • Consultancy services on the new labour laws and other related labour.
  • Drafting of human resource manuals and policies.
  • Advising on occupational safety and health obligations of employers and drafting health and safety policies.
  • Advising on human resource legal processes.
  • Employment dispute resolution.